Microblading Vs Threading: Which One Should You Go For?

Taking the perfect selfie is not possible without those perfectly defined brows. Nowadays, brow-shaping is as important as putting on a lipstick for work. Well-shaped brows give the face a more youthful glow, and can even define facial features that help give a better impression among other people.To get perfectly shaped brows, make-up is not enough. Sure, eyebrow pencils, stamps and brushes and the best eyelash extensions Perth can glam up your eyes, but it would take up a lot of work if your natural brow frame is a mess. To avoid wasting time and make-up, you have to regularly trim and shape your brows neatly. This can be done in 2 ways – microblading and threading. Microblading is the process of tattooing semi-permanent brows on your face using pigments, while eyebrow threading is a manual process of removing small and excess eyebrow hair and trimming them to its best shape. These two processes are however very different in procedure, costs, and other factors such as:

  • Permanence
    When it comes to permanence (or lasting power), microblading obviously wins. This is considered like a temporary tattoo for your brows, and the pigment used could last up to 3 years. Threading however only removes excess hairs in the eyebrow and then trims the brows into its most natural shape. Once these hairs grow back, it is time to go for a threading session again. Eyebrows usually regrow after 2 to 4 weeks from threading.
  • Cost
    Due to it being semi-permanent, microblading is also quite expensive. The cost could range from $350 to $800, depending on the salon or clinic which offers such beauty services Perth WA. Threading is much more affordable, ranging only from $5 to $20 in most waxing salons.
  • Availability and Risks
    Both procedures should be done by professional and credible salons and personnel. Threading however, is the less risky procedure because it is not as invasive as microblading. While threading can cause itchiness and redness right after the procedure, it can heal in just within 24 hours. Microblading however requires 1 to 2 weeks of healing time, and the pigment will take around a month before it fully sets into its actual color.